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Royalties & Licensing

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As the developer or creator of unique ideas, properties, designs, and so forth, you need to take steps to protect your intellectual property (IP) from competitors and third parties who would seek to use it wrongfully. However, shielding your intellectual property from invasive parties is only one part of how you or your business should manage your unique properties. You should also think about how to make profit from it through royalties and licensing agreements.

At Kearney, McWilliams & Davis, PLLC, our business development lawyers work with business owners, corporate executives, and individual entrepreneurs to help them make the most of their intellectual properties. If you believe your intellectual property has inherent value that could be utilized by others, then call (713) 936-9620 to talk to our team about royalties and licensing options. With the right business plan and contracts in place, you could start earning income or cash flow sooner than you think.

Learn more about licensing and royalties now by contacting our team. We have offices in Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado.

Utilizing Royalties for Popular Properties

If you have created unique intellectual property that has garnered popularity, then it could be possible to earn royalty payments through its widespread use. You can allow your work to be used by others for profit as long as you are provided a fair percentage of their total profit, or a flat royalty amount.

When creating a royalty contract, our legal team will want to consider:

  • Uniqueness of your intellectual property
  • Popularity, value, or use of IP
  • Requested or intended use
  • Predicted profits or income through IP

Royalties can be related to musical pieces, artwork, literary publications, and even patents. Commonly, business owners will encounter royalties when establishing a new franchise location for their company. No matter why royalties might be needed, you can be certain our team can create a contract that benefits you.

Licensing Agreements for Reproduced Work

A licensing agreement is similar to royalties in that it allows another party to recreate intellectual property for their own use. The licensing agreement will be established between a licensor and a licensee. To use the intellectual property, the licensee will typically providing an upfront amount of finances to the licensor, as well as providing a proposed contract that outlines how the IP will be used.

Product licensing agreements can be used as a common example. In such an agreement, the licensor owns a unique product or IP and grants limited rights to use to the licensee. The licensor gains the benefit of finances, and the licensee generally gains the benefit of a more recognizable brand name or corporate presence behind their product.

Maximize Your Value with Licensing & Royalties

Kearney, McWilliams & Davis, PLLC and our intellectual property attorneys in Houston and Denver are here to make certain your company does everything it can to succeed. A key portion of your business plan could be relying on licensing agreements and royalties to generate extra revenue. We will work diligently to create contracts between you and licensees that benefit your company and create a fair, profitable connection. You can also depend on us if you are a licensee who wants to approach a licensor with a proposed agreement.

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