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Will Lawyers

Protecting Your Assets & Your Loved Ones

Perhaps the most basic and essential element of any estate plan is a last will and testament. Wills are important documents that denote how your assets and property will be transferred to your heirs and other beneficiaries. Although the state of Texas has put into place laws meant to simplify the estate planning and administration process, including laws related to drafting and formalizing wills, it is still wise to consult with an experienced will lawyer who can help you ensure that your will is created properly and that your assets are protected. This is particularly true if you have a complex situation and you think your will may be contested.

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How Our Firm Can Help

In Texas, it is not necessary to have a will notarized in order to make it valid. All that is required for a valid will is that you sign the document in the presence of two witnesses and that the witnesses also sign the will. However, there are many circumstances that require the assistance of an attorney. At KMD, we take into account your goals, values, and vision for the future. We understand how important it is that your assets are protected and that your loved ones are cared for.

Our will attorneys can assist you with:

  • Determining if you should set up a will or trust
  • Drafting your will
  • Creating a “self-proving” will
  • Managing sizeable assets and/or real property
  • Naming an executor
  • Minimizing taxes, legal fees, court costs, and other expenses
  • Ensuring your will is legally sound
  • Handling complex issues, such as disinheriting a spouse, multiple businesses, and more

Additionally, our will attorneys regularly assist clients with considerable assets, those with multiple children from previous marriages/partnerships, small business owners, and individuals with complicated or unusual situations. We are able to help you with everything from drafting a will to correctly submitting all required forms to signing the document.

If you wish to speak with a lawyer about drafting your will or any aspect of estate planning, contact our office online or by phone at (713) 936-9620 to schedule a consultation.

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