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In Texas, almost all estates must go through probate before they can be officially settled. The primary purpose of probate is to prevent fraud by verifying rightful heirs and designated beneficiaries, as well as validating the will if one exists. Probate can become complicated when large estates are involved or when there are special circumstances.

If you are the administrator or executor of an estate, an heir, or another interested party, it can be very beneficial to discuss your situation with an experienced probate attorney. The probate process requires an in-depth knowledge of applicable Texas laws and may even lead to estate litigation. Having a seasoned attorney on your side can help you navigate the process and handle any unexpected issues that arise.

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How Texas Probate Works

There are numerous steps that must be taken in order to settle an estate. It is important that you adhere to this process in order to avoid unnecessary delays or complications.

In Texas, the probate process generally goes as follows:

  • If a will exists, it is filed with the court where it is then proved either valid or invalid.
  • If the decedent did not nominate an executor, the court will appoint an estate administrator.
  • The court notes all property and assets included in the estate.
  • The court formally determines all heirs of the decedent.
  • If applicable, creditors will file claims on any debts owed by the estate.

During estate administration, the administrator or executor is responsible for distributing assets according to the court order. If disputes or other issues arise, the court can settle these by ruling on the allocation of assets.

How Our Firm Can Help

At KMD, we assist clients with all aspects of the probate process. Our probate lawyers can help you prepare and file all required documents with the court, notify creditors of the estate, assess the value of all estate assets, attend hearings and required appearances, and more. We are also able to litigate on your behalf should a dispute arise. We provide our clients with personalized and productive legal services and make it our mission to remain accessible and available every step of the way.

Reach out to us at (713) 936-9620 to learn more about how our probate attorneys can assist you.

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