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Proper estate planning is a process, not a transaction. It involves identifying your values, goals, and vision for your future and that of your loved ones. It involves working closely with your trusted estate planning attorneys to create a framework for furthering your values and achieving the goals and vision you have identified. It involves monitoring the plan to ensure that it remains fresh and relevant as your life, circumstances, and the laws change.

There are many tools at the disposal of an estate planning lawyer. Because no two clients have identical values, goals, and vision, each estate plan is a unique creation of the client, assisted by their estate planning attorney, along with their CPA, financial advisor, and possibly others.

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What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves detailing how you want your assets to be distributed in the event of your incapacitation or death.

For most people, creating an estate plan means they can:

  • Enjoy and control their property while they are alive and well,
  • Provide for themselves and their loved ones if they become disabled,
  • Give what they have, to whom they want, the way they want, when they want, and
  • Minimize the effects of taxes, professional fees, and court costs.

We believe that creating an estate plan is essential for any adult in Houston.

Some traditional estate planning techniques include:

  • Owning property jointly
  • Designating a beneficiary
  • Executing a will

Why Traditional Estate Planning Techniques Often Fail

Often, estate plans are lacking some fundamental protections. This occurs when the plans:

  • Do not provide for your disability
  • Do not necessarily give what you have:
    • To whom you want
    • The way you want
    • When you want
  • Do not avoid probate
  • Do not keep your affairs private

Our estate planning attorneys' primary objective is providing you with peace of mind that your legacy will enhance the lives of your beneficiaries, rather than creating problems for them. This may include providing for minor children to be cared for according to your wishes, charitable planning, business succession planning, income/estate/gift tax planning, and asset protection in the event of divorce, disability, addiction, bankruptcy, lawsuits, and the myriad of other issues that often plague families who fail to properly plan.

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